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Services I Offer

Below is a description of my services. 


I will design your website using a Wix template and customize it to fit your company’s needs and design. This website will consist initially of four pages: a home page, about, contact, and an extra page of your choosing. Any additional pages after these will have up charges. After unlimited revisions, ensuring your satisfaction with your website, I will hand it over to you and you are free to enjoy the new asset to your company. 

Vice President 

This package consists of the same website design aspects as the "Manager" package, and I will also assist you in connecting a domain name to your website and choosing a Wix Pro package, which will help to make your company's website stand out and appear more professional. Once your website is completed and domain is connected, I will hand them over to you! 


This package features all the same pages and components as the "Manager" & "Vice President" packages, and I will provide you with personalized website assistance to help you learn how to manage and run your business with your new website. After designing your website to your total satisfaction, and connecting your domain, I will set up a video conference to do a general demonstration of how to navigate and manage your website, and also answer any questions you have. 



Below I explain the pricing of my various services.

*deadlines do not include revisions*


3 day deadline

The first four basic pages (home, about, contact, extra) are $10 each, totaling to $40. If your business requires additional pages, the prices will range from $5-15 depending on the complexity of the additional pages. 


Vice President

4 day deadline

This package follows the same pricing format as the "Manager" package. The cost for the domain connection assistance is an additional cost, ranging from $35+ depending on the price of the domain you choose. 



5 day deadline

This package is priced based off of the "Vice President Package" and includes an additional cost of $50 for the demonstration and Q&A conference. 



Currently, I am only accepting Venmo payments. Once we decide on your package choice and set a price, I will share my Venmo User name with you!

Every plan includes unlimited revisions and assistance, which means even after you pay and the website is done, if you have any questions, I am happy to answer them for you :)

The plans are also customizable. For instance, if you like the idea of having a website created for you and learn how to use it, but do not want a domain, we can create a personalized plan and price for you :) I also offer student discounts!


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