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Napoli Italian Deli & Catering


Website Design & Consultation

This client ran his successful restaurant for 18 years with the same outdated website. He hired me to create a more sophisticated and functional website that better represented the evolution of his restaurant and catering business. I coordinated the restaurant's colors of maroon, cream, grey, and black and cozy atmosphere into the new website. My client made it clear that he wanted the new website to showcase his most picturesque dishes that he had been saving on his phone throughout the years. I made sure the website had pictures on every page to meet the client's request. In addition to this, I added a contact page with a form for customers to reach out with any questions. Many customers have since used this forum as a way to inquire about catering orders, which has helped to relieve the usual influx of catering calls made to the deli everyday. 

Premium Services

In addition to creating a beautiful and functional website for Napoli Italian Deli & Catering, this client also hired me to re-vamp their outdated and almost untouched Instagram & Facebook Page. While the specials were posted on Facebook daily, not much else was. Thats where I came in. I first started by updating the Instagram page's bio to more clearly identify the restaurant's qualities. I also added the restaurant's website link and location to the bio as well. After this I started promoting the re-opening of the restaurant after its biannual break, slowly gaining more followers. Then once the restaurant opened, I began posting high quality pictures of the daily specials with fun and engaging captions and a curated selection of hashtags relating to the restaurant and post! Gradually, both the restaurant's Instagram and Facebook followings grew almost doubling in size in less than 6 months! This increase in following led to an increase in sales due to the exposure of the daily lunch & dinner specials and desserts. This client also chose the website maintenance and management as a second premium service, where I keep the website up to date with menus and any other requests they may have. 

What the Client Had to Say

"If you're shopping for websites, you should shop no further, and hire OLWebsites for your website design & consultations. Olivia was a pleasure to work with. She took my previous website from an intermediate level, to the level of professionalism that you see before you today. She took the time to get to know me and my business and what I expect. Olivia gave me several different options leading to the website I have now, that created the "wow" factor from our regular customers, and also lead to a new customer base after the launching of our new website..."

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