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KRAVE Fitness & Nutrition


Website Design & Consultation

This client already had a website for her business when she came to me, however, with the rebrand she wanted a complete do-over. Not only did I apply the business's new themes to the website, but I restructured it to better organize the website and make it more functional not only for site visitors, but for the client herself to be able to utilize it properly. I made it so the 

What the Client Had to Say

"OLWebsites is just what I needed to get my small business jump started! Olivia is great, she built my website in no time at all. Quick and efficient. She is very creative and talented! Highly professional and communicative. Most importantly she understood what I wanted and came up with an amazing design that fits perfectly! Highly recommended!"

Are you a small business owner ready to take the next step towards professionalism in your business ?

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