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Restaurant Website

After seeing my other designs, a local restaurant owner hired me to create their new website for their restaurant, since theirs was slightly outdated. I coordinated the colors and atmosphere of the restaurant into the new website. I also incorporated updated pictures of their menu items. In addition to creating and managing their current website, I also helped them redesign and manage their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Since I started managing their social media accounts, I have increased their exposure to new customers, and interactions of returning customers! Due to this new exposure through social media, my client has landed radio and TV interviews for his restaurant ! 

Realtor's Professional Portfolio

This client has been in real estate for seven years. She has always wanted her own website to display her sales and accomplishments. She also wanted a way for prospective clients to be able to contact her directly. I created a sleek and functional website so that she was able to do all of these things. I implemented the colors, fonts, and themes of the company she works for into her website to keep the connection apparent. In addition to this, I began to manage her social media accounts, helping her to promote the launch of her new website, display any listings, sold properties, or any other updates in a professional looking way. I made her social media accounts thematically match her website so that everything was cohesive.  

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Custom Woodwork Website

This website was created for a local custom woodwork designer who wanted to expand his business from a well established Instagram page, to a website for a more professional point of contact and portfolio for customers. I worked with him on a website he had started to build, but as a busy business owner with a full time job, he never got to finish. I was able to take his ideas and vision for his company and transform them into the beautiful website you see today!


Course Portfolio

I had to create this website for my Intro to Rhetoric & Composition course in college to display all of our projects & blog posts. I kept the same color scheme and theme throughout the website, to represent my personality and style. (Not mobile friendly sorry :( you can still view it but the display is not accurate)


Informational Website

This website was created to display information based off a scholarly article in a creative and appealing way. Since the information related to pregnant mothers, I created the website in a way that would appeal to them with colors and images. I also portrayed the information in a more concise and comprehensible way. (Not mobile friendly sorry :( you can still view it but the display is not accurate)

More websites are in the works! Stay tuned!