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Jean Piazza Realtor


Website Design & Consultation

This client has been a real estate professional for seven years, and felt it was time to display her sales and accomplishments professionally online. I helped her to create a website that reflected both her taste, and the theme of the real estate company she works for. I also made sure to have dedicated pages that not only highlight her past sales, but her current listings as well. An important aspect of her business is being able to showcase her beautiful properties, so I made sure to have high quality pictures displayed on various pages of the website and for each property's description. I also included a contact area on her home page for easy access to prospective clients! 

Premium Services

This client was so impressed with her new website, she decided to add on the Social Media Marketing & Management & the Website Maintenance & Management premium services. For the website maintenance & management package, I regularly update her website with new listings and sold listings, creating beautiful and informative portfolios for each property, in addition to any other changes she requests. I also transformed her personal instagram and facebook accounts into a more professional platform for her real estate business. I started by updating her page headers for each platform to better reflect who she was and what she can do for her perspective clients. I create graphics for each post she requests that are cohesive with her brand and aesthetic of her website. In addition to creating graphics for certain posts, I curate specific lists of hashtags and locations for each post to help reach a broader audience. This lead to a 12% increase in followers in the first 4 months of my social media services, including users in every city where my client sells her homes. The online exposure has helped her to connect with people seeking her services, and even close deals! 

What the Client Had to Say

"I highly recommend OLwebsites! Olivia is very talented and has great knowledge when it comes to designing & personalizing a website for a particular business.  She was able to take my information in a very timely manner & come back with all types of creative ideas &suggestions to reach a large audience..."

Are You A Small Business Owner ready to expand your online presence? 

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