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Hi! I'm Olivia! A Talented Website Designer with Exceptional Work Ethic & Passion

I have been designing websites for years, just for fun. During my first semester at college, I had to create a personal website as an online portfolio for an English class. After completing my Wix website portfolio, I realized I have a natural talent and passion for web design, and I would love to help others who may not have the time or skill to create a website for themselves or their businesses.

In addition to creating my own websites, I have experience working with businesses to create a website using Wix that both reflects their company, and increases the efficiency and customer traffic of their website. I also have helped clients expand their online presence through social media, helping them reach new audiences and grow tremendously. My social media management has lead to radio and TV interviews for some of my clients! I know that I can use my experience and skill to do the same for your business! 

Every website I have created so far has been a success. I am an outstanding and creative website designer, who understands how to connect a person’s or company’s ideals into a beautiful and efficient website.  

Let’s Start Working Together!

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