Talented Website Designer with Exceptional Work Ethic & Passion

I have been designing websites for years, just for fun. Most recently I had to create a personal website as an online portfolio for a college course. After completing my Wix website portfolio, I realized I have a natural talent and passion for web design, and I would love to help others who may not have the time or skill to create a website for themselves or their businesses. I also understand that not everyone knows how to use a Wix website, so I decided that in addition to designing websites with Wix templates, I want to help clients learn how to manage their new websites so they can get the most out of them.    

In addition to creating my own websites, I have experience working with businesses to create a website using Wix that both reflects their company, and increases the efficiency and customer traffic of their website. I know that I can use my experience and skill to do the same for your business! 

Every website I have created so far has been a success, both academically and professionally. Although my experience is limited, I believe I have proved myself to be an outstanding and creative website designer, who understands how to connect a person’s or company’s ideals into a beautiful and efficient website.  

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